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Key Benefits:
• Traction to safely overcome extreme winter conditions.
• Stops short on ice.
• Lasting winter performance.

Ultimate winter confidence over many miles.
Get lasting performance to embrace winter driving, even in the harshest conditions.



MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3 — Winter Tire or Cars, Minivans and Crossovers

The MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3 tires provide ultimate winter confidence over many miles, enabling you and your loved ones to fully embrace winter, even in the harshest conditions. These third-generation X-Ice winter tires provide the necessary traction to safely overcome extreme conditions, with the added benefit of performance handling. You can experience quick acceleration and short stopping when you need it most with advanced sipe technologies. And you won’t sacrifice fuel efficiency thanks to MaxTouch Construction™, which ensures even wear and long tread life. Plus, with MICHELIN® tires, you get peace of mind with the MICHELIN Promise Plan™, including a 40,000-mile limited warranty (see Owner’s Manual for details).

• Drive confidently in harsh winter conditions with the MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3 tires.
• Built to take on ice and snow.
• Outstanding winter grip.
• Long tread life for lasting winter performance.
• Fuel-efficient design.

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