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The G-MAX RS is a stylish, ultra-high performance tire designed for maximum grip on dry and wet roads giving you the inspiring performance you’re looking for. Smart Technologies make anywhere possible by providing exceptional handling, rain or shine. And visual wear alerts notify you of your tread depth. The G-MAX RS is truly a smarter tire for a smarter driver.

General G-MAX™ RS

General G-MAX™ RS

A strong center rib for crisp steering response. Stable shoulder blocks for maximum grip. Silica-rich summer compound and directional tread grooves ensure wet grip. Provides faster handling in dry and wet conditions and enables shorter stopping distances over leading competitors on both wet and dry roads.1

A larger footprint and optimized pattern stiffness promote even wear and provides up to 35% longer tread life than leading competitors.2

The Replacement Tire Monitor (RTM) is an indicator that is clearly visible on the tire’s center rib. When the tire wears to 2/32 of tread depth the indicator transforms to read “replace tire” alerting the driver a tire change is needed.

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